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Custom Fabrication & Aquatics Research Net

Custom Tarps

Our custom tarps are made to suit a variety of applications from light to super heavy duty in materials such as canvas, vinyl, poly and mesh.

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Custom Covers

Quality Custom Covers For All Leading Vehicle Makes & Models. Seat Covers, Boot Liners, Screen Wraps & More. 100% Custom Design.

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Custom Bags

Applications include padded bags, carry bags, indoor bags, outdoor bags, fire resistant bags, equipment bags, custom cases, embroidered bags, zip bags, and custom bags.

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Custom Straps

We make exclusive leather, rubber, nylon and sailcloth straps using only the best material. Para Elastic. Durable & Comfortable. Fully Handcrafted.

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Custom Cases

Applications include transportation tarps, protective tarps, insulated tarps, fire resistant tarps, small scale tarps, and household tarps.

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Custom Curtains

Applications include dock bag curtains, partitions, wash bay curtains, warehouse curtains, divider curtains, clear curtains, and mesh curtains.

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Custom Chutes

Applications include cement chutes, air chutes, dust chutes, assembly line chutes, grain chutes, dust connector, dust collector chute, material transfer chute, and more.

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Specialty Sewn Products

We can produce a variety of specialty products ranging from high temperature Velcro wraps, high temperature sleeves, custom tadpole tapes accordion bellows to high temperature components.

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Engineering Products

We offer a range of engineering products to help customers realize their product development or production goals. Starting with development, we can help with material selection or manufacturing services.

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Industrial Sewing Services

Looking for commercial or industrial sewing on a project? Contact Commercial Sewing CA! We offer flawless industrial sewing services for projects of all sizes.

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Marine Products

Application include Custom Boat Covers, & Dock House Tarps, Boat Tops, Upholstery, And Boat Lift Canopies

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Transportation Products

Commercial Sewing CA can provide specialty cut shapes and pieces to particular customer specifications. As an industrial insulation specialist with over years of experience, we provide fabricated insulated parts.

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We supply a line of Laboratory Equipment that enables one to split, elutriate, settle, and count raw field samples collected with our Water, Sediment and Plankton Samplers.

Plankton Nets

Commercial Sewing CA manufactures a wide variety of Plankton Nets to collect plankton assemblages from virtually any aquatic environment.

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